03 February, 2018

Nssuka cultural festival (Ekoyi Iheaka ) 2017-2018 orie akatapka oshamoke

Orie Akatapka (Oshamoke Day) Ekoyi Iheaka

The sweet of Igbo culture

  Ekoyi in Iheaka Igbo Eze south local Government Area Enugu State, have a strong love (respect) for their culture, in respective of the challenges for over ten years the festival have not really stands until 2017
  The survival of African culture
Why are some African cultures dying and evils keeps increasing more and more,
  Lack of heritage every where, we are now proud of some ones culture and heritage, we Africans are blessed with rich cultures but we do away with them just because we selfishly wont to manipulate our fellow Africans,

   Akatapka is a yearly festival that is done by the people of Iheaka, Obolo, Ovoko, Ihakpu, Ifunowere, Ibagwa, etc and some part of Enugu Ezike,
 It is a strong and a respected cultural festival, it is also the only surviving cultural festival among the rest in that area,
  Orie Akatapka is a day that every body come to the market square with his masquerade for entertainment and fun, and the best among the masquerade goes home with a price,
     Masquerades at the market square Videos.

   Akatapka masquerade and survival .......