09 August, 2018

(Relationship tips ) The Best Way To Approach A Lady, For Man

(Relationship tips ) The Best Way To Approach A Lady, For Man

The Best Or Easy Way To Approach A Lady For The First Time.
      Present your flower
Are you having a sleepless night and you need the best and or easy way to approach a lady ?, just because you have seen or have been coming across your type of girl and you never knew how to go about it , now you have the best and easy way or tactics you can apply in that kind of situation, most woman are naturally endowed with some kind of powerful ego , that always makes it difficult for any man to approach them, you will be getting fillings like a kind of shock, hart failure and shame , you will automatically fill different from whom you are and that is when some people will start losing the game and they can only succeed if the girl have already mark them for something that looks alike.
     Approaching are girl requires a lots of things from your person , such as fillings, first of all, how you fillabout your self, determination and the believe that you are capable of convincing that girl , you have to take fear of making mistakes away from you no one is perfect including the girl you are trying to approach, what maters is how you go about your mistakes, in fact some may even be what she will use to think about you, so it also has its own value,
Now The Best Way To Approach A Girl
1 Courage : when you see the girl you wont to approach , go to her with courage do not go for her pithy for the first time , your courage is what will make her calm down and even listen to what aver you may wont to say some times it doesn't mater to them about your looks. Though it is good for you to put your self in order it may make you look responsible to some people.
2 Words , Things to say, when you approach any girl the first words you most say to her should be some complement, sweet word , like hi beautiful girl, hi sweet girl, or you can even add greeting , that is something like good morning beautiful girl, that will register your approach and make her fill a little bit shy , you need to be Sirius for it not to look like you are joking, after that the journey will begin .
3 Introduction, the choice is yours you can start from introducing your self but before you do that, you make sure you balance your self very well,  don't say it as if you are thinking on what to say so that she will not see you as a lyre ,but if you know you will do mistake skip it , and all you need to do now is to ask her about herself , starting from her name , origin, etc make sure you will not become a Borden to her , always confirm with the words like , : I hope you don't mind , not worried or not embarrassed.
4 Be brief , make sure you don't turn yourself to a talkative , making it brief will even make her think she can compete with you and that will give you chance for another day
5 Avoid desperate move: never you make her fill as if you are desperate, it make her fill like this guy think am so cheep ,always be patient and keep on reeding her body language, even though you Seriously need it try to put your self together before her,
6 Be a soft person, try always to make her fill comfortable with you, try to make her smile sometimes, crack a joke of her or any other thing ,look direct into her eyes and smile just for her to smile too , that will bring her spirit down to concentrate more on your story .
7 Always give her the opportunity to answer any question you ask her, don't hang on her neck to do anything at that early stage because if you do she can even lie to you about her name  just for you to let her go , so take it easy with her ,make your questions pleasant appealing so that she will find  interest in it .
8  Study you Conversation, from your conversation you will know how to go about it, that tells you how to put your words , put your voice down and tell her what your fillings are,  Note the girl already know what ever you think you wont to tell her they are very good in that one,  but what they don't is if you can convince them,  so tell her that you love her with proud and courage tell her you know she is capable of doing it for you if she don't have anything against you, don't give her too much gap keep looking into her eyes, that will make her  fill more shy ,And she will neither accept or tell you to give her sometimes to think about it.
9 If after every thing and she asked for sometimes, then you should try to be specific ask her when so that she will tell you when she will do that ,after she tell you then its the time for you to ask her for her phone number of which will be had for her to resist , if she gives you her phone number make sure you dial it immediately to confirm it's legit , ask her what she wonts you to do for her , like should I take you home or wherever thats if you have a ride, or let me take you home or take this money for your transportation and so on.
10 If where you met  her is not her home don't wait till she get home before you call her , ask to know weather she got home successfully if yes then with a little words remind her that you love her so much ,  keep on calling her at least three times a day to show her that you are caring, and will not be far from her .
I await your testimony
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19 May, 2018

5 Most Important and Health Benefits Of Banana

5 Most Important and Health Benefits Of Banana


health benefits of bananas

Sweet banana fruit is one of those natural fruits that have existed for ages, very pleasant in nature, both the peel and fruit is useful. Banana is a global food, it is consumed almost  in every part of  the world, it gives instant energy and it is very important for healthy living, the botanical name for banana is Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana.

 Below Are Some Top Health Benefits Of Bananas

Here are the 5 most important and healthy benefits of banana you may not know.

1. Lower Blood Pressure: Banana just as it is appealing to the eyes also is a great potassium provider, potassium is isolated from potash, ashes of the plants, that's where the name is gotten. It is of the alkila metals.

Potassium is a regulator that helps kidney, heart and other organs of the body to work normally, potassium inefficient puts one at the risk of high blood pressure, stroke , cancer, infertility and so on

 2It clears skin infection: Benefit    of banana is not what someone can undermine, it does so many things including to your physical body
It cures so many skin infection such as ecna, pimple and so on if only you can apply the peel perfectly.

Banana peel contains nutrient and vitamins that will help you ride of your skin infection quickly you can apply it by robbing the inner part of it on your skin, Robb on till it gets brown then leave it to dry, wait for three to six hours then wash it with wormed water, keep doing this at least two to three times daily until it is gone for good. Good luck don't forget to say your testimony here in this page if you are get rid of your skin  infection  please.

3. Instant Energy: energy is also one of the major benefits of Banana, banana provides you with large quantities of energy, it makes your digestive system to work slowly, there for keeping you strong for a long period of time, making banana your breakfast is very important because it keeps you  going or working tirelessly for a long period of time. Banana contains fiber, antioxidants and vitamin c that will help you boost your energy,
Health benefits of banana

4. Fertility: Banana is a fertility booster,  banana is very rich in Vitamin B and bromelain. Vitamin B improve sex hormone production, it makes your energy levels to be stable which means it is possible for you to last longer on the bed. Bromelain increase sexual libido, banana with potassium, nutrient, fiber and vitamins is just the way out for you from your infertility.

 5. Vitamin B6, Tryptophan, Magnesium: all these will help you to overcome depression (How), Vitamin B6 helps you to sleep well so it gives you the chance to recover. Tryptophan converted by your body to serotonin which is the mood elevating brain neurotransmitter.

Magnesium helps to relax your muscles  ,so make sure you Banana  regularly to keep you away  from depression, this is one of the most important benefits of Banana.

 Coming your way soon  

 How to make banana chips (plantain chips)

 How to make banana juice

Here we have come to the end of most important and health benefits of bananas, I hope you had a good time reading this post.

03 February, 2018

Nssuka cultural festival (Ekoyi Iheaka ) 2017-2018 orie akatapka oshamoke

Nssuka cultural festival (Ekoyi Iheaka ) 2017-2018 orie akatapka oshamoke

Orie Akatapka (Oshamoke Day) Ekoyi Iheaka

The sweet of Igbo culture

  Ekoyi in Iheaka Igbo Eze south local Government Area Enugu State, have a strong love (respect) for their culture, in respective of the challenges for over ten years the festival have not really stands until 2017
  The survival of African culture
Why are some African cultures dying and evils keeps increasing more and more,
  Lack of heritage every where, we are now proud of some ones culture and heritage, we Africans are blessed with rich cultures but we do away with them just because we selfishly wont to manipulate our fellow Africans,

   Akatapka is a yearly festival that is done by the people of Iheaka, Obolo, Ovoko, Ihakpu, Ifunowere, Ibagwa, etc and some part of Enugu Ezike,
 It is a strong and a respected cultural festival, it is also the only surviving cultural festival among the rest in that area,
  Orie Akatapka is a day that every body come to the market square with his masquerade for entertainment and fun, and the best among the masquerade goes home with a price,
     Masquerades at the market square Videos.

   Akatapka masquerade and survival .......

17 January, 2018

(Fear) Herdsmen Alarm Over Another Cow Stilling ( My thought over this)

(Fear) Herdsmen Alarm Over Another Cow Stilling ( My thought over this)

Tension As Herdsmen Raise Alarm Of Another Cow Stilling(trending news in Nigeria)

   This private issue turned to Government night Meier


    Download video here
   Fulani herdsmen dancing with guns

 1 Who's property is these cows?.

 2 Who's responsibility is it to pay for the Stilling cow ?.

 3 What is the position of a cow to a person? ( is this now a zoo)

4 How many business men are robbed every day in Nigeria?.

5 How many banks are robbed in a year in Nigeria?.

6 Why should people die when cow is stolen? .

7 Can some one rustle cow in Nigeria if he is not a Fulani or with Fulani's without been caught?. 
8 Why should people be aloud to use ak47 for any reason not just for protection in a country where it is illegal? ,

9 Why is the Federal government not willing to educate the herdsmen on new modern farming?.

10 Who are the sponsors of these trend and what are their aim ?.

           Cow stealing especially en- mass like this, there most be  Fulani's involve. What people especially influential  Fulani's in the north are ignoring in their media narrative, is the Fulani culture of bitter rivalry among themselves. In the core north,    "What use to happen is, whenever one is richer (i.e having many cows), some will be jealous of him and would naturally device a disguise means to fight him to rustle the cows. With modernity, these Fulani bandits begin to have accomplices among the local communities everywhere. But I assure you, ordinarily a non- Fulani can't steal a herd of Fulani cow even if the number is small and escape with it to a long distant, you can't control it. 
  The cattle rustlers are among them  so why should they blame anybody else,when they know the rustlers. Why should innocent people be in trouble when there is cow rustling, Why don't they report to security agents,  
 The fear of the killer herdsmen is the beginning of wisdom.

14 December, 2017




 Fat is among the three main macronutrients , also with carbohydrates and protein , also called triglycerides, are ester of three fatty acid chains and the alcohol glycerol.  Wikipedia

   Fat is very important in life , our body need fat to survive , we consume fat in all natural food that we eat , fat when taken too much is bad ,too much fat can actually make you week and unfit sometimes, 
  we need only little amount of fat to survive
 You can  control the amount of fat you take by minimizing your eating skills , your eating skills most of the time determine the level of the fat you contains in your body,
 We bring to you the easy way to Lose weight ,
How to Lose weight fast in 2 weeks to 1 month,
How to lose weight fast without exercise by updating your eating skills,
     Eesy way to lose weight
Your eating skills is the best thing to change if you really need to reduce your weight fast and  easy ,you can lose weight even without exercise , Try much to be a fan instead of a player in a food game, it is very important, how do you update your eating skills,
1 by minimizing the consumption of surgery food
2 by extending or expanding the normal time (gap) of feeding
3 by reducing the quantity of food you take, just take small food whenever you wont to eat
4 drink enough water before and after meal
5 consume mostly food that gives protein more to your body
6 Avoid slipping too much slip little in the night, the more you rest the more chances you give your body to recover
 7 Always make fruit your choice of food , there are a lots of fruits that you use to your satisfaction , fruits like




Coconut oil

 and so on

06 December, 2017

Best And Easy Way To Drive Save And Avoid Accident.

Best And Easy Way To Drive Save And Avoid Accident.




       December records high level of ACCIDENT mostly in Nigeria do the pore bad roads, Reckless Driving and sometimes people attribute it to spiritual attack, some even say that it is the Gods plan, yes God knows everything but how do you take your wish to God because the same God grants us our wish and is always willing to grant more of our wishes,
 Still, on wishes, everybody wishes to have a successful Journey and to have it, there are some steps you must follow to have it.

Life has no duplicate and every part of your body including your finger will miss its purpose so save your self first and keep the love of your family going

 Things To Avoid Before and During Driven
Add caption
Best Way To Drive Save
1: Avoid Alcohol, Alcohol is Another magic god and spirit can make you do anything when you have enough of it in you, like sleeping on the starring, speed to the highest level, see one thing as two, see close thing as far e.t.c.

The best result that these can give is Incident, to drive save Avoid or take small if you must, but you must not .

2: Avoid Over Speeding, To drive save over speeding is very very dangerous most especially in Nigeria because of the bad roads, full of Portholes, too much of everything is bad in case of emergency you can not control your motor  let your speed be between 90 to 120.

3: Avoid Over Taking At Bending Corner, bending corner is dangerous because you can not see far to know who is coming from the other, you can easily fall into porthole

 4 : Avoid reckless overtaking, the road belongs to everybody and not you alone you have to be extra careful, watch carefully to make sure no one incoming from the other side of the road before overtaking, is of Portholes,

 Lastly drive carefully after prayer
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30 November, 2017




 Are you out of credit ?, and you have an urgent call to make, then your problem is solved with borrowing me credit that works with all networks in Nigeria, Mtn, Glo, Etisalat, and Airtel, simply follow the instructions below.

Network-Borrow-me- Sevice

The process is not delayed if Young are qualified and you are not owing
  1. That the amount you request is based on you recharge and qualification,
  2. That you are charged up to 5 to 10% of the money you are borrowing
  3. That you will be paying as soon as you recharge.

 Now How To borrow Airtime From Glo,MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile (Etisalat) Network

From MTN:  You can borrow airtime from MTN by simply dialing *606# , to transfer or share credit  with friends  Dial *600*the amount # or you dial *600# and follow the rules (instruction) listed

From GLO: Simply dial *321# then follows the instructions. Or check naijasturf free browsing for more...

From ETISALAT(9mobile): You can borrow airtime from ETISALAT by dialing *665*amount# or dial *665# and follow the instructions listed.

 From AIRTEL: To borrow airtime from Airtel just dial *500*amount#.



23 November, 2017

Glo, MTN, AIRTEL, Cheapest Data Plan Subscription Plan And price

Glo, MTN, AIRTEL, Cheapest Data Plan Subscription Plan And price

  This is for every Serious browser and heavy downloader as this update would help you to Safe your money and your time,
buy the cheapest Data plan Nigeria instead of wasting your money on pay U. You can get the best data plans on Glo, MTN, Airtel at affordable prices.

This announcement about Glo data plan , the cheapest data plan in Nigeria it has know comparison it is far  better than any other network Subscription, Glo is just the best on this so I suggest you chose Glo
 You can also boost the volume of your data Subscription only on Glo network,
Simply dial *777# for your data plan,
 Dial and  follow the instructions to chose the plan of your choice
Glo data plan booster is also available but it is preferred for 1GB and above for those in the campus ,
 Glo Data Plan

Subscription Code and volumes

18 November, 2017

Anambra election  updates 18-11-2017

Anambra election updates 18-11-2017

Today Is The Anambra Governorship Election With A Great Suspense
 The anambra election updates 

   The situation of today will be driven from show of power in between the Federal government of Nigeria and the Indigenous people of Biafra (iPob)  on who has the mandate of the people, who do the people really believe in  ,

  Anambra the commercial city of the East have people from all parts of the east living in the state, so it very very sensitive to both the federal government and the IPob,
  Federal government with indivisible Nigeria is prepared to tell the world that the people are still in full support of one Nigeria  now they have deployed armoured tanks, jet fighters , 10,000 police personals, combat ready army s all for the anambra peaceful Democratic election  while the Indigenous people of Biafra on the other side with it no referendum no election in Biafra land is also fully prepared for the boycott of the election to prove to the world that they are the majority, that the people have lost confidence in Nigeria, ordering it member to sit at home and boycott the election they move around with banners and flags .

      The anambra election updates.
 The situation now  is amazing currently with a lots of media war

More details soon...

15 November, 2017

iPhone  X  Apple wonder ten

iPhone X Apple wonder ten

iPhone X Flood The Global markets With It Amazing Features.

  iPhone x with an amazing wireless charging, water and dust resistance,  iPhone X Wonder Ten is with Oled that makes it special full screen touch with enabling face ID and a lots More
             Wireless Charging
  Wireless Charging
You can charge your phone now without wire cable
The Glass body of iphone x is IP67 water and dust resistance ,

  This is the first full   0LED screem iphone standard, with beautiful color, true blacks, high brightness, a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio,

Ip0ne x  wonder ten Camera
        7mp front camera , Face time video call supported and 1080p video  recording
        Back camera 12mp, supporting 4k 2160p at 24 FPS, 60 FPS or 30 FPS , HD 1080p video recording ,
 It come with ios  new telephoto camera and Deeper pixels, color filter , it has faster camera sensor,

Face ID
         It Takes Only 1 Second To             Recognise Your Face
You can use your face to unlock your phone it is very very save.

More detail soon,  Keep visiting .

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07 November, 2017

Where To Buy Tstv Decoder, features and price

Where To Buy Tstv Decoder, features and price

TSTV is a newly lunched Nigerian TV service Provider In Nigeria. (Telecom satellite television). See below for the price and full features of TSTV Decoder.

Tstv price in nigeria

The new TV provider (cstv decoder alternative) is a hot cake and a golden opportunity for all those that have dreams to also have one as there own at the comfort of there home.
TSTV Decoder is so amazing to your test, it comes with a lots of good packages and it also affordable.


Tstv Decoder cost N5000 and the package comes with dish and the decoder, that's amazing if you ask me. 

TSTV Decoder Offer
Tstv offers you up 100 channels including, Hotspots functionality, Video call conferences, Storage for recorded videos and a pay as you use service(payu).

TSTV was lunched by a Nigerian on first(1) of October 2017.

Bright Echefu the managing director of Tstv said that their service will offer viewers the experience of HD and SD video, internet service ,broadband, TV and Radio at affordable rate ,

The list of channels they offers are:

Top 5 TSTV Music Channels 
     🔊Hits tv
     🔊MTV base 
     🔊Trace urban/african
     🔊Tlc (HD)

Top 20 TSTV Decoder Channels

TSTV Sport Channels:⚽🎾
        🔴Fox Sports 
        🔵Star sports.                  
        🔵Euro sports news
        🔴Euro sports 2
         And lots more,

Over 20+ Tstv Movies Channels
         🔅Star Gold TV
         🔅Nollywood TV
          🔅African Movie Channel series
          🔅Liberty TV
         🔅 Star Movies TV
          🔅MBS Action
          And lots more,

Tstv Religious Channels
          ⬛Emmanuel TV
          ⭐Sunna TV
          ◾Dove television
           🔸Mountain of Fair and miracle                ministry
             ⬛TBN Network
TSTV Decoder Image:

Where To Buy Tstv Decoder In Nigeria?

Tstv is planning to cover the whole thirty six states in Nigeria,
But for now it is lunched in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, port Had Harcourt and Owerri first. You can visit TSTV website for more details on where to get TSTV Decoder at an affordable price.

Tstv your choice for better entertainment.

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