17 January, 2018

(Fear) Herdsmen Alarm Over Another Cow Stilling ( My thought over this)

Tension As Herdsmen Raise Alarm Of Another Cow Stilling(trending news in Nigeria)

   This private issue turned to Government night Meier


    Download video here
   Fulani herdsmen dancing with guns

 1 Who's property is these cows?.

 2 Who's responsibility is it to pay for the Stilling cow ?.

 3 What is the position of a cow to a person? ( is this now a zoo)

4 How many business men are robbed every day in Nigeria?.

5 How many banks are robbed in a year in Nigeria?.

6 Why should people die when cow is stolen? .

7 Can some one rustle cow in Nigeria if he is not a Fulani or with Fulani's without been caught?. 
8 Why should people be aloud to use ak47 for any reason not just for protection in a country where it is illegal? ,

9 Why is the Federal government not willing to educate the herdsmen on new modern farming?.

10 Who are the sponsors of these trend and what are their aim ?.

           Cow stealing especially en- mass like this, there most be  Fulani's involve. What people especially influential  Fulani's in the north are ignoring in their media narrative, is the Fulani culture of bitter rivalry among themselves. In the core north,    "What use to happen is, whenever one is richer (i.e having many cows), some will be jealous of him and would naturally device a disguise means to fight him to rustle the cows. With modernity, these Fulani bandits begin to have accomplices among the local communities everywhere. But I assure you, ordinarily a non- Fulani can't steal a herd of Fulani cow even if the number is small and escape with it to a long distant, you can't control it. 
  The cattle rustlers are among them  so why should they blame anybody else,when they know the rustlers. Why should innocent people be in trouble when there is cow rustling, Why don't they report to security agents,  
 The fear of the killer herdsmen is the beginning of wisdom.