19 October, 2017

Biafra : Reactions from Nnadi Kanu recent court hearing , so Hot!!. ,

.                                                                                                                 (Justice Binta Nyoku)

              (Nnamdi KANU)                

      (As e day hot)

The judge handling the case of the leather of the indigenous people of Biafra ,justice Binta nyoku
had said that the surety of the defendants must provide him in Curt or pay the sums of hundred million naira or ask for more time to produce him in Curt and this is the only way the Curt can listen to them
the lawyer representing the surety

senator abiraba told the Curt that they will go for the last option.
 A Lot's of reactions have been trailing the development
a former minister, Fani Kayode who witnessed the Curt hearing  said  ,

army should produce Nnamdi KANU.

  On his part army should produce KANU who, he said, was only expressing or fighting for his constitutional guaranteed right to self determination .

It is very clear to us that something must have happened to him ,which I m deeply concerned, if indeed he is in military custody they should let us know, if he is dead let them release his body .
I call on the Nigeria military to stop this charade, if KANU is with you please release him.
  The allegation that 38 persons died in kanu s house during the military raids is unacceptable and shame on those who may not know KANU but hears all this allegations and still stay on the fence. I say sham on them, we are men of courage and we are here today.

  A senior advocate of Nigeria (San)

Mike Ozekhome who is also a human right lawyer, said the invasion of home of the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (iPod) Nnamdi KANU  complicated the legal case against him.
 The federal government should have waited for the result of legal action taken against him, Instead of invading his home ,
  Even if it is assumed that he has breached every single material particular of his bails , the answer is still true judicial processes
 The federal government has already done the right thing true its lawyers that filed a motion to the same judge, justice Binta Nyoku, to say my Lord ,Nnamdi KANU , have breached these bail conditions , The federal government suppose to have waited for the legal process to accomplish, instead of invading his house .

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