12 October, 2017

Tension!!! Schools shorts down in Anambara South east Nig

It was reported that the army went  to give vaccine for an unknown illness with out pre information,

This caused fear in the minds of the people as parents rushed  the school to pick their children safely, mean while a lots of argument have been following the development, a local who reside in the area at Ozubulu  in an interview
 Good morning, please what it your name: my name is Emeka
What is going on here:
  It was yesterday when I saw some school children running home, then I called some of them to know what it was and they told me that some group of unknown army arrived their school for immunisation, then I started going to see by myself.

I met one of the teacher and she told me that they were surprise and shock as well and that they could not realise the children to them because their is no formal information.
  So what is your own believe and fear concerning this: I don't know what to believe right now because my mind is field with so
Manny question, why are the army trying to course confusion here again, last people in army uniform came and shots many people hear with know trace and now they came again from know where OK please ask the army why did they go to that school ,

I believe their is something someone is not telling us army this army that so we are now in military era, what is this all about, the only fear I have is that the world Will not see what is happening here now.

OK I can see you are not happy about what is happening so what are you saying it should be done now: a lots have been said and nothing have been done because they believe that our opinion dose not matter if not why are the army here because a mere protest that is harmless, formally l do not support the ipob but know I do,

Oh so now you support ipob:  yes
So why now: because I now believe in what they have been saying it have been happening and it keeps happening
So is Biafra possible: yes its very much possible ,our spirit is very high,

Before we go you last word to the government of today: They  should stop showing us how they hate us because it can never favour theme I don't wont to beg them of anything again.