20 October, 2017

Sad news :Psquare is no more .

Nigerian's super stars Peter and Paul is in another fight ,

The  dour seems to v not letting go their past fight,

  According to the report Peter Okoye  Who is now  known as mr p said that Pquare is no more, I have nothing against my brother, I saw Paul post on instagram about blood being thicker than water, who is water and who is blood, Peter asked,  stressing that his nuclear family is more and very  important to him and  he has decided to move on.
A later suspected to have been written by the same  Mr P
reads                Mr P
 What  I m about to do have been a very difficult decision to make,
 I have made up my mind to use this time to terminate the agreement between Pquare. Meaning he is moving on alone,
  Me and my wife have been getting life threatening   massage, I fear for my life and for the life of my family,
 Jude have threaten to kill me and shot my wife in the presence of Peter and others.

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