18 November, 2017

Anambra election updates 18-11-2017

Today Is The Anambra Governorship Election With A Great Suspense
 The anambra election updates 

   The situation of today will be driven from show of power in between the Federal government of Nigeria and the Indigenous people of Biafra (iPob)  on who has the mandate of the people, who do the people really believe in  ,

  Anambra the commercial city of the East have people from all parts of the east living in the state, so it very very sensitive to both the federal government and the IPob,
  Federal government with indivisible Nigeria is prepared to tell the world that the people are still in full support of one Nigeria  now they have deployed armoured tanks, jet fighters , 10,000 police personals, combat ready army s all for the anambra peaceful Democratic election  while the Indigenous people of Biafra on the other side with it no referendum no election in Biafra land is also fully prepared for the boycott of the election to prove to the world that they are the majority, that the people have lost confidence in Nigeria, ordering it member to sit at home and boycott the election they move around with banners and flags .

      The anambra election updates.
 The situation now  is amazing currently with a lots of media war

More details soon...