31 October, 2017

Biafra: ECOWAS court orders Nigerian government to pay N88bn to the victims of civil war....

  ECOWAS court on Monday 30-Oct 2017,
The Economic  Community of West African State
Ecowas, court of justice, on Monday mandated the Nigerian government to pay N88bn to the victims of the Nigerian civil war,


The regional court gave the order and also commanded all parties involved to abide by the  terms of the  settlement,

      The terms of the  settlement stated that the federal government 'undertake to pay'  ,, without delay, compensation in the summer of N50bn to the victims of the civil war, their families and all communities, as contained in schedule 4(1) to this terms of settlement, 
That Federal government undertakes to the pay, of undertakes to lay a total sum of N38bn as contained in the schedule 4(2) to this terms of settlement for the purpose of carrying out total demining and destruction, rebuilding of public buildings, mine center activities, construction of class rooms, provision of prosthetics and all order activities enumerated thereunder."

Some victims of Nigerian civil war:
(Gvt troops ,)
Some victims of the Nigerian civil war 
had in 2012, dragged the federal government before the regional court praying for an order for the removal of remnant of war instrument in 11state,  south east, south south and some part of North central,
The victims said that the instrument to be removed include unexploded life bombs and others ,
The victims asked the court to command the federal government to Rehabilitate all areas effected in the war and also compensate the them for all the damages. 
War damages.