23 September, 2017

How To Start Cucumber Farming Business In Nigeria, to count first million of your own.

How to start Cucumber farming  Business? My dear, here we are giving you a first hand information on how to start a cucumber farming Business in Nigeria.

We make sure you are successful in your farming business, like many people have done, our aims are to make it easy for you to growth, yield and manage cucumber farm with simple explanations.

Cucumber farming business is a thing of joy because it is a sharp, sharp business that fetches cool money, people are always looking for cucumber and from a land of about thirty by twenty in size you can get up to twenty bags ands above, each bag costs three thousand five hundred naira and above once your cucumber is fresh and greenish, what you need most is determination and little amount of capital.

Cucumber farm Business needs just your small time and little capital, on like other plant that takes up to six months to produce, cucumber takes only but two months to give you what ever you are looking for but only when you take good care of it, so now how do we begin.

How To Growth And Yield Of Cucumber In Nigeria

1. Get the best seed variety of your choice which should be F1 these are the bests

 2. Developed an up land that is rich,make sure the place do not retain water after rainfall because it do not need much cool and it need sunshine.

 3. Cultivate it in ridges so that it will be easy for you to control.

 4. You plant it, when planting, it should be 1 to 2 or 3 together in each stand, and the gaps (distances) should be one ruler

5. After plantings, it takes four days to germinate so on that day of germination you will start to apply chemical to protect it from ants and it will last till it becomes week and can no longer Produce, use combat(type of chemical)

 6. Make sure there is no weed in it.
 7. After two weeks of plantings which will be eight to ten days from the day it germinated, then you apply manure then after twenty one days you add small fertilizer, it should not be touching the steam it should be like three and half to five inches away from cucumber plant do it carefully

8. It  should not be aloud to spray on the ground so when ever any one of them start bringing out hands then you put a stick for it to climb so that the fruit will be greenish.
Are you aware that cucumber farming is a lucrative business in Nigeria which you should start by now?